High School ValueBoard™ Workshops

Education Rebound – Keynote Presentation (Value Redefined)

Regroup. Strategize. Score.

Audience: Middle and High School

Focus: Motivation, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Bullying, Success, Prevention, Responsibility, Response to Adversity, Character Education

Content: Shea’s story of being a D average student, dropping out of college with a passion for music leading to a life as an occult member for ten years, yet overcoming adversity returning to school to live the life of her dreams as an entrepreneur and current doctoral student at a major university. Talk about Education Rebound…. her personal journey of faults, failures and victories has deemed her, “The Rebound Coach”.

Length: 60 Minutes

Additional Resources: Powerpoint Presentation, 5 printable worksheets including her renown interactive affirmation worksheet.

PDF Worksheets: link

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