Who Are We?

Education Rebound is a mentorship and life coaching service that provides character education and life skills workshops for underserved learning communities.

Vision Statement:

To transform underserved communities by providing innovative educational techniques, resources, and services for high school and college students.

Mission Statement:

Education Rebound’s mission is to foster academic resilience in the underserved learning communities by providing innovative character education and personal development resources for high-risk students.


Meet Shea Edwards aka "Mrs. E."

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Shea Edwards

Founder & Rebound Coach

"The Rebound Coach"

Shea, “aka” Mrs. E.’s transformational story began as a gifted musician, "D" average student graduating with a high school G.P.A. of 2.10 and a college dropout to a sought-after educator who has encouraged, motivated and inspired the lives many students around the world! After years of intense adversity and depression due to career and personal choices, Shea returned to college at the age of thirty and in the span of eight years graduated with Masters in Educations with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership from Belmont University and is currently a new doctoral student at the University of South Florida.

Mrs. E. delivers a dynamic, high-energy message that will inspire you to discover your greatness and live up to your full potential. Drawing from her own personal experiences of emotional and verbal abuse, toxic relationships, scholastic struggles, and various other obstacles, she allows her life to be an “open book” from which radiates dynamic, inspiring messages that relate to many people across all strata. Her comical yet passionate story of life’s ball drops, failures and victories have deemed her, “The Rebound Coach”. During the beginning stages of her education rebound journey, Shea learned how to turn her obstacles into stepping stones to achieve her goals and now she’s living the life of her dreams as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

Collectively, Mrs. E has over twenty years of experience in the education industry as a tutor, private and public alternative school teacher, and most recently a private school principal. Specializing in character education for at-risk students and professional development for urban educators Mrs. E and her team are committed to finding solutions to close the achievement gap in urban schools. She delivers powerful and impactful character development and goal framing workshops fulfilling her mission to help students to reform their perception of learning. In her own words, “Motivating students will last for a day, therefore, my top priority is to help students identify what motivates them…it will last a lifetime.” - Mrs. E.

Shea is most grateful to God for another shot (rebound) at life, education and the pursuit of fulfilling her purpose.

Don't Wait...Your students deserve a chance to make an education rebound!

Over 24 years as an educator, life coach, character education department head, student program developer and public school teacher, Shea Edwards, is a well sought-after dropout prevention keynote speaker and facilitator. Contact us today and discuss which workshop is best suited for your audience!