College Student Seminars


College / Nontraditional Student Seminars

Focus: Forgiveness, Goal Development, Prioritizing, Vision Board, Affirmation, Building effective timeline, Social responsibility, Boundaries and support systems, Forgiveness, Resilience, Purpose, Conflict Resolution

Length: 60 minute seminars / 3 -5 sessions

Content: Content includes Coach E’s transparent, personal testimonies and effective relevant professional experiences. Coach E’s, powerful story of being a "D" average student graduating with a 2.00 G.P.A., later dropping out of community college to pursue a music business career.  After years of intense adversity and depression, Shea returned to college at the age of 30 and is currently a new doctoral student at the University of South Florida now holding a Master's degree in Education from Belmont University.  Changing her mindset, Shea, learned how to turn her obstacles into stepping stones to achieve her goals and now living the life of her dreams. Talk about Education Rebound.... her personal journey of faults, failures, and victories has deemed her, "The Rebound Coach".

Additional Resources: Powerpoint presentation, 10 printable worksheets with interactive activities, movie clips and more!

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