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Reinforcing Skills. Building Confidence.

Online K-12 Math & Reading Tutoring
Online tutoring sessions start October 12th!
Reservations starts on October 8th

EdRebound™ Tutors specialize in reinforcing basic academic skills and building confidence.

We know that strong grades are the foundation for success in school and beyond, and for that reason, we offer private, group, and peer tutoring for elementary and middle school students.
Why Tutor with Us?

  • Affordable prices! ($5 and up)
  • Specialized basic Math reinforcement skills sessions (ie.Multiplication/Division/Fractions/Decimals and more!)
  • 40-minute sessions (One on One, group, or peer tutoring available)
  • See and hear your tutor with video
  • Write, type, and draw on the digital whiteboard
  • Chat via instant messaging
  • Share files like diagrams, homework, graphs, and tests
  • Replay tutoring sessions.
  • Pay as you go or subscribe!
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1:1 Personalized Tutoring

One to one 30 minute session personalized to your math, reading or writing subject and questions.

Table for 2 Only $10*!

Shared online tutoring at just the right price! Two students per session table for 30 minutes covering one specific academic subject.
*$10 per student

Group Tutoring - Only $10*

Studies show that benefits of group tutoring for students include higher academic achievement, improved relationships with peers, improved personal and social development as well as increased motivation. EdRebound™ Peer Tutoring Group sessions cover specialized subjects. Peer tutors will provide specified skill exercises reinforcing basic math, reading, and writing skills.
*Crisis Prices start at $10 per student 30-minute group session. 3-4 student group per tutor.

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