ValueBoard® Workshops

Innovative personal development workshops and seminars designed to empower students to regroup, strategize, and score by taking charge of their education and career path! *(Academic Tutoring available)

EdRebound™ Online Tutoring

EdRebound™ Online Tutoring
Reinforcing Skills. Building Confidence.
Our tutoring sessions are designed to reinforce basic math, reading, and writing skills increasing student motivation.

EdRebound Tutoring…
Reinforcing Skills. Building Confidence


Professional Development

"Best Practices" doesn't always work! Using yesterday’s answers with today’s at-risk students can be ineffective. Because you care about your at-risk students succeeding in school, we would like to prepare you with effective, innovative tools and resources for your struggling youth.

Is the dropout rate increasing in your school? Education Rebound can help!

The real deal. The consequences of not graduating from high school are increasingly serious for both individuals and society as a whole. The high school dropout rate is increasing and has become a serious dilemma that we have yet to find the antidote for. At-risk students fall through the academic cracks and are counted out of the game of life and a shot at the pursuit of happiness. Over 60% of our at-risk students in the U.S. have fallen behind academically due to behavioral and social problems and the typical focus of the public school system at that point is remediation. High school students, during the remediation process, are further discouraged by the labeling and the lack of ineffective overall support. After repeatedly failing to reach their goals, these students feel defeated and ultimately throw the ball out of the game. Education Rebound Workshops and Seminars empower students to regroup, strategize and score. The workshops are designed to help students to take charge of their education and career path. In other words...get their heads in the game!

Don't Wait...

Don't Wait...Your students deserve a chance to make an education rebound! Contact us today and discuss which workshop is best suited for your students!

2019 Partnerships

EducationRebound™ LLC is proud to announce new partnerships with HCPS and Project Promise! Ed Rebound LLC is a registered vendor for all Hillsborough County Public Schools!